Aircraft Management,
Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Part 91 Aircraft Management

We offer Part 91 Aircraft management to partner with your company needs.
We can adapt to meet your needs and requirements to fit your organization.

  • We partner with your department, to handle Part 91 FAA authorizations and regulatory requirements.
  • We can offer and support services, that are needed to enhance your operations.
  • Crew hiring, ongoing training and full employment with flyADVANCED Jet.
  • Maintenance staff hiring, aircraft maintenance management and oversight.
  • Assistance with Crew training needs or International Travel requirements, including flight planning.
  • We offer our In-House Maintenance management services, for smaller Jets that do not need a full time technician.
  • We also offer in-house maintenance service, to our clients at reduced rates.
  • Insurance at reduced group rates.
  • Maintenance control utilizing your technician that we would hire and manage, or we would supply a well suited person to handle all maintenance areas.
  • Regulatory Oversight with our vast experience and proven systems is well established for your convenience.
  • Company Group discounts are supplied, whenever possible.