Many of the benefits of ownership at just a fraction of the cost.

Flying clubs are one of the very best and most cost-effective ways to enjoy access to great aircraft and to crew-up with your fellow pilots. Whether you're a seasoned certificate-holder or just getting started with your flight training, you'll find a club here that suits your needs (and your budget).

Our flight clubs each require a non-refundable deposit, a flat monthly fee, and a set rate for (Hobbs) hours flown that covers consumables such as fuel and oil.  With prior approval and sufficient notice, all flight club aircraft may be taken on multi-day trips for up to 72 hours with a nominal fee for each 24-hour period after the first day. And while we don't restrict membership to any of our clubs, we will add more airplanes if availability becomes an issue.

After their initial checkout, club members will be required to complete proficiency-based recurrent training events every 6 months with the flyADVANCED instructional staff. IPCs and BFRs can also be accomplished at this time. Remember, as with any good flight club, the more you fly, the less you spend...

...(per hour, at least).

Cirrus SR22 Avidyne

Buy-In: $1000, Monthly Fee: $280, Wet Hourly Rate: $180

Access to two 2006-2007 Cirrus SR22 Avidyne aircraft. Additional aircraft to be added as demand increases. Multi-day usage fee = $75 (charged for each 24-hour period beyond the first day). Multi-day rentals are limited to 72 hour periods.


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