Citation Bravo


Large enough for you and 8 of your friends. Yeah, they’re pretty super.

With short runway capabilities and sufficient efficiency to fly for an extended range, it is easy to see why this private jet quickly gained repute in the industry. Featuring updated engines, a glass cockpit, and smoother-riding landing gear, the Citation Bravo offered several notable updates. Such updates also include an added step and a wider air stair tread to ease the boarding process. With higher efficiency and lower operating cost than its predecessors and many other light size private jets, the Cessna Citation Bravo proves a viable candidate to meet your business needs.

  • 9 passengers
  • Cabin Dimensions: Width: 6.1 ft | Length: 23.5 ft | Height: 5.9 ft
  • 3,700 mile range
  • 520 mph cruising speed
  • WiFi enabled
  • Refurbished in 2012
  • Executive configuration seating
  • Full galley stocked with hot and cold beverages
  • Enclosed lavatory