Aircraft Charter and Management should be a smooth efficient process that benefits yourself and your company. Let our experts manage your Charter Flight or your Aircraft, your Crews, your Maintenance requirements, your Travel arrangements and the Regulatory areas required by the FAA, IRS, Customs, State and Local governments. Let us navigate the world of Aircraft Ownership for you with Safe and legal flight operations in a professional setting.

flyADVANCED Aviation Group will provide the level of services that you want or need in your operations. You may choose to be fully managed or partially managed depending on the size of your company the flight requirement. A demanding flight schedule or a leisurely flight schedule can be tailored to your requirements. You choose what is best for your company to take advantage of from our group of professionals.

flyADVANCED Aviation Group can supply:

  • Complete Personnel recruitment, training and management for crews and maintenance.
  • Dispatch and Flight Following Services.
  • Flight Operation Services for transportation, hotels, security, food and any amenities wanted.
  • Domestic and International Flight Planning.
  • Aircraft Insurance acquisition using our discounts available.
  • Complete Maintenance Services for scheduled maintenance and unscheduled maintenance needs.
  • Fuel Discount Programs and discounts available.
  • Complete record keeping and reporting, tailored to meet your finance departments requirements.
  • Complete Customer Service for Corporation and Clientele.

Privileges of Aircraft Ownership, Freedom from Responsibility

Our Turn-key Aircraft Management program is a service where flyADVANCED Aviation Group handles all of your day-to-day details concerning the management of your private jet or corporate jets.

Additionally, once approved on our charter certificate, our clients can generate revenue from their asset by accepting private jet charter opportunities when you are not utilizing your asset.

Enjoy all the benefits and control of owning your own aircraft, while knowing that your aircraft is entrusted to a partner whose standards of Excellence are unsurpassed.


Your aircraft is maintained to peak condition. Minimize downtime and never worry about repairs, aircraft parts, maintenance or training… with your aircraft in the hands of our team of experts.

Safety and Security:

All passengers and assets are protected by systems and controls that help assure enhanced safety and security.  Security trained drivers are available at your request.

Human Resources:

You do not have to be concerned with human resource functions from hiring and training, to payroll and benefits. We manage it for you and provide detailed monthly statement on associated costs. You may choose your staff we find and interview for your approval or we will fully mange your personnel for you.


Simplify your aircraft financial management with statements and reports that are prepared, handled, and tracked to your specifications.

Aircraft Storage

We will provide or arrange for aircraft storage and hangar services for your aircraft at all times to meet your needs.

Crew Training

flyADVANCED Aviation Group utilizes highly qualified and trained flight crew personnel. After an in-depth background check, each crew member completes our training curriculum including, basic indoctrination, international operations, emergency training, water evacuation and survival training, first aid training, advanced weather training, CPR/AED training as needed, as well as aircraft specific training such as renowned Flight Safety International.


flyADVANCED Aviation Group is your turn-key aircraft management provider.  We provide accounting services, personnel services, security services, TSA training, Indoc and emergency drills, drug & alcohol program,  insurance administration, customer service, scheduling and dispatch services as well as flight and maintenance crew management to ensure that all aspects of your flight operations are smooth.

Maintenance Management/Personnel

flyADVANCED Aviation Group will provide a complete team of maintenance personnel as needed for your aircraft needs. Our FAR 135 Director of Maintenance has 43 years of experience and last working at DOM/ S.V.P. Airworthiness & Quality for one of the largest 3 aircraft management companies in the USA.
He will maintain constant oversight and tracking of all maintenance needs for your aircraft including in-house mechanics, to provide the most cost-effective on-site maintenance. With maintenance personnel on staff, even vendor provided maintenance costs are reduced by the close supervision of the work performed and billing review that only on staff maintenance personnel can provide. You could decide on a full time maintenance manager for our group of trained coordinators will manage your aircraft.


flyADVANCED Aviation Group provides a complete array of flight services that allows your company to focus on your main business demands, rather than devote additional personnel and expense to manage your flight operations.  By utilizing our skilled staff, we are able to provide our clients with the most comprehensive management package at rates much lower than the large conglomerate management companies.  Combining these cost savings with our personalized approach to your unique specifications and we believe that you will agree that flyADVANCED Aviation Group is the right choice to provide all of your aircraft charter management needs.

Aircraft Classes

Ultra-Long Range Jets
Long Range Jets
Super Midsize Jets
Midsize Jets
Standard Size Jets
Light Jets
Personal Jets
Twin Turboprop Aircraft
Turboprop Aircraft
Multi-Engine Piston Aircraft
Hi-Tech Cirrus Single-Engine Piston Aircraft